Access Now

Location: 611 N. State Street in Stanton
Hours:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 8am-8pm  ---   Thursday and Friday: 8am-5pm
Phone:  989-831-7520 or toll-free 800-377-0974

Do you need help connecting with community resources, mental health care or substance use services?
Are you or a loved one in crisis or just trying to figure out where to turn for help?
Our Access Now staff is ready to assist you.

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Core Mental Health

Location: 611 N. State Street in Stanton
Hours:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 8am-8pm
Thursday and Friday: 8am-5pm
Phone:  989-831-7520 or toll-free 800-377-0974 

Supporting the health and well-being of our community through high quality, professional care is at the core of what we do.
We provide a comprehensive array of services that are person-centered, proven effective and conveniently located.

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Heartland House

Location: 108 N. Lafayette Street, Greenville MI 48838

Heartland House is a program for individuals to work together to make connections in the community,
develop employment skills, and gain confidence to live independently. Volunteerism, skill development
and lasting friendships are essential components of the program.

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Wellness Works

Location: 310 E. Main Street in Stanton
Phone: 989-283-1251

We recognize a strong community is a healthy community.  Wellness Works! is a health and fitness facility
that can meet all your basic cardio and strength training needs in a fun and inviting atmosphere.
Members enjoy convenient key card access on weeknights, weekends and holidays. Be sure to check our membership
desk hours when planning a visit.

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Online Screening

A variety of free, anonymous, and confidential online screenings are available by clicking the link below. You will be able to see your results, recommendations, and informational materials about what you can do to get help.


Online Screening

Care For Everyone

Montcalm Care Network is here to help. No matter what resource you’re looking for, we’ll get you connected and on your way. Our knowledgeable staff are available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Walk-ins are always welcome at our Stanton location.


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Care That's About You

We strive to provide compassionate care in a welcoming environment. Our person-centered approach respects and supports your individual needs, promotes your strengths, and advocates for your rights.



Care You Can Afford

If you don't have insurance, don't worry. We'll help you apply for coverage and make sure you get the care you need regardless of your ability to pay. We can also help you find transportation to get to your appointments. It's now easier than ever to gain access to quality care.

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