Trauma and Resilience
Community of Care


Montcalm County Community of Care is a collaborative made up of representatives from agencies and school districts that come together at Montcalm Care Network for the purpose of serving all youth and families.

From October 2017-May 2019…

  • 35 student cases were brought to the table: students who were at risk of dropping out of school (based on Early Warning System data– attendance, course failure,suspensions/expulsions), or experiencing other problems that require additional support despite the many interventions in place.
  • 40 different resources from the county were shared by agency representatives in the context of the problem.
  • 54 participants came to the table to create SOLUTIONS for youth and families such as opportunities for counseling,transportation services, housing help, nursing support, legal advice and more.

Montcalm Care Network, 611 State Street, Stanton, MI 48888
Virtual attendance options available via ZOOM